Mercenaries & Privateers Late Backer / Pre-Orders

Created by Jason R. Williams

Mercenaries & Privateers is a card expansion for the Swords & Sails epic game of diplomacy, conquest, and intrigue set in 1000 AD. You can get all the original items which were available with the original Kickstarter while supplies last. You can even add items from our Tali, Roman Knucklebones and Micro-Role Playing game if desired. Look for the Separate Shipping Add-On to request shipping the current items (previously manufactured) as soon as we can and not to wait for everything to come at once.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

M&P Update: Charging Cards Nov. 15th
15 days ago – Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 08:18:44 AM

Hey everyone,

We will be locking orders and charging cards for all backers which weren't already charged on the 15th.  If you either want to make any changes or need to delay or make changes, just send an email or message me.

In other news as was reported in the comments from the previous update, we have succeeded in passing all the post KS / BackerKit stretch goals.  This means we will be creating full minor players which includes the 5 Army cards, 5 Fleet cards, a Diplomacy card, 28 pinch out faction markers, 5 wooden Army cubes, 5 wooden fleet pieces, and 2 custom faction dice for both the Khazarian Empire and the Armenian Kingdom.

I am making progress on the final designs and artwork layouts for all components and should be able to share these in a few weeks, when I also expect to fulfill the electronic / PnP copies.

Thank you all for your support.

Jason Williams

M&P: Welcome to November Update
27 days ago – Tue, Nov 02, 2021 at 02:02:15 PM

As we slide past Halloween weekend and into November we have now added $178 more for add-ons.  This is thanks to several individuals who have added things to their orders to get us there.   This leaves us just $42 shy of the goal for the Armenian Custom dice.  I am sure we will be able to get a few more add-ons or orders to get there, and again, I want to thank everyone who has helped us reduce the gap.   Also, if you have tried to go back to your order and you have found it locked, all you need to do is ask me to unlock it.  We will be preparing to charge the credit cards for the balance of the additional orders, VAT, other taxes and shipping charges shortly, but I wanted to allow some time for anyone who needs me to delay charging their Credit Cards to please reach out to me before next weekend.

In other news I am preparing the files for manufacturing and for PnP / TTS use.  It looks like I should be able to release the PnP and TTS files around Thanksgiving timeframe (TTS may occur a week or so later).


M&P: Still need 15 Pledge Manager Surveys
about 1 month ago – Fri, Oct 29, 2021 at 04:26:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

Been working toward finalizing all the pledge managers and seeing how close we are to manufacturing the wood pieces and dice for both the Khazar Empire and the Armenian Kingdom.

We have 15 unanswered pledges out there which 4 are at the $1 mark and I do not expect any upgrades from those pledges, which leaves us with 10 or 11 pledges that need to be completed so I can figure out how many of everything we need to make and send out.   So please if you have not completed your pledge manager, try to get to it this weekend.

Any add-ons beyond what was selected during the KS campaign in BackerKit, will count toward our extended BackerKit stretch goals to see if we will make the additional wooden pieces for the two new Minor Player add-ons (and by the way, if you pledge at the $41 or above, you will get one of those for free and both for free at the King and Emperor levels, so if you stay at the $25 level you will miss out on a freebie and $41 will enable to just add only the new stuff).

So here is where the extended stretch goals currently stand:

Total non shipping / Tax funds raised by 10/29 4pm: $7,583 KS+BK over $6,073 KS

  •  $6200 Unlocked       Khazar Elite Guard 
  •  $6500 Unlocked       Armenian Lions of Ani 
  •  $7100 Unlocked        Khazar Wood Pieces 
  •  $7700 Need $117   Armenian Wood Pieces locked 
  •  $8000 Need $417      Khazar Custom Dice locked 
  •  $8300 Need $717      Armenian Custom Dice locked 

We have only been getting a few late backers and I think almost all the KS backers have made their add-on selections.  We have only the 10 or 11 KS backers which have not completed their pledge manager which could add to this fairly quickly.  We just need to add more late backers to the campaign, or have some of the people who already completed their pledge to add some addition add-ons. If anyone wanted to add Tali or Coins, it would help add very quickly.


M&P: Pledge Manager & Post KS Stretch Goals
about 1 month ago – Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 04:53:26 PM

Hey everyone,

We are at 83% of the Surveys completed and I have calculated the non-shipping / Tax funds raised on BackerKit.

We are at $1,394.06 additional funds raised, which puts us at unlocking the wood pieces for the Khazar Empire and only $305.94 away from unlocking the Armenian wooden pieces.  Then we will need to raise an additional $605.94 to make the Khazar Custom Dice and $905.94 more total to unlock the Armenian Custom Dice.

Here is where we stand with the stretch goals:

BK* + KS BK* Funds Stretch Goal  Status

$6200 $200 Khazar Elite Guard Unlocked

$6500 $500    Armenian Lions of Ani Unlocked

$7100 $1100 Khazar Wood Pieces Unlocked

$7700 $1700    Armenian Wood Pieces locked

$8000 $2000 Khazar Custom Dice locked

$8300 $2300    Armenian Custom Dice   locked

So if you can add any items to your pledge, it will get us much closer to getting these stretch goals.  If you already have all the minor players in your current pledge or already own them, consider adding the Tali game as an add-on.   Tali makes a great gift especially the knucklebone only for those Role Players out there.  You can also consider adding a 4 Player Pak of coins to your order.  

If you are seeing this update and did not pledge in KS, you can add a pledge as a Late Backer / Pre-order as well.  Send the link to your friends who you think might enjoy Swords&Sails. 

We should be able to push over the amount we will need to make the rest of these stretch goals.

Thanks for your support,

Jason Williams.

M&P: Surveys, Streamlined New Minors, and Post KS Stretch Goals
about 1 month ago – Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 12:53:32 PM

Hello everyone,

I want to thank everyone who has completed their surveys.  We are at 81% completed.

New Streamlined Minor Players:

I did want to make sure that everyone understood that our stretch goal for the new streamlined minor players entitles anyone pledging at the Master Warrior level or above an included free Streamlined Minor Player, either the Khazar Empire or the Armenian Kingdom.  You will not receive either of these for free, at the base Warrior Level.  However selecting them as add-ons, either during the BackerKit pledge management or originally during the Kickstarter will allow you to include them, but you are better off just upgrading your pledge to the Master Warrior level, which entitles you to one of them for free and you can select either the other new streamlined Minor Player or a different Minor Player as your included Minor Player included at the Master Warrior Level as the cost is the same as adding just one of the new streamlined Minor Players for $16, but you will end up with two Minor Players.  


Also we have been seeing some backers with duplicates of their Minor Player selections.  I am assuming this is not intentional and due to the way BackerKit sucks in the add-ons from the original Kickstarter.  It seems, if you did add one or both them during the KS, and pledged at the Master Warrior $41 or above level, then during the BackerKit survey we ask which one you would like  between the Khazar Empire and the Armenian Kingdom on all pledge levels between $41 Master Warrior and the below the King Level.  We are giving both of them to you for free if you are pledging at the King or Emperor levels.  For levels which allow you to select other Minor Players, you then can select any others you wish to add.  The issue is we have no way of eliminating the ones selected from the original KS add-ons or preventing you from duplicating between the pledge questions.  Therefore, the system will allow you to generate duplicates and the BackerKit system wont let you change the add-ons selected during the original KS.   Therefore if you selected one or both of the new streamlined during the KS as add-ons you will end up with duplicates which you can't remove, depending on your pledge level, as we are including them for free at higher levels.  If you find yourself in that position, I can apply the $16 (or $32 for both) add-on cost as credit to shipping.  Or I can substitute a different add-on, just contact me and we will correct the issue.

Post KS Stretch Goals:

We will be including the last two revealed (but not unlocked) stretch goals for the Mercenary and Privateer cards for the new minor players, as we have received enough additional funding in the BackerKit (non Shipping / Tax funds) to unlock these two.

I have received tighter manufacturing quotes for the two new streamlined Minor players which at the moment only include the Diplomat Card, 5 Army cards, 5 Fleet Cards, and a sheet of 28 faction markers.  We will need to raise around $1200 more to add-in the 5 wooden Army Cubes and Fleet pieces.  Then after that we need to add another $800 to add the custom faction dice.  The additional cost is not only to make the pieces but I have to account for a larger / heavier freight package to send from the manufacturer as I plan on using Air Freight to jump the Sea Freight craziness and manufacture and fulfill relatively quickly.  

At least the first goal, if not both seem achievable as more backers select more add-ons, and especially if we have more Late Backers / Pre-Orders to add to our project.  So spread the word and see if any of your friends or social media groups would be interested and / or consider adding something to your order, maybe try out Tali our other previous KS game we published in 2020.

Again, thank you everyone for your support.